The Mississippi Mudds

P.O. Box 224

Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

K7C 3P3

muddsmississippi AT gmail DOT com

The Mudds's Board of Directors

Elections for the Mississippi Mudds board of directors are held at the Annual General Meeting in June of each year.

The board for the 2021/22 season is:


President: Sandra Dunlop 
Treasurer: Roxanne Broer
Secretary: Stephanie Stephens
Show Development: Karen Lapointe
Past President: Jeff Lee
Directors Without Portfolio:
Tracy Ahern
Cheri Swackhammer Martin
Laurel Tye


Here are the people to contact on the board for various items:

Fundraising: Jeff Lee
Membership/Communications: Karen Lapointe
Properties: Jeff Lee
Public Relations: Sandra Dunlop
Publicity: Stephanie Stephens
Records Management/Archives: Tracy Ahern
Single Point of Contact: Cheri Swackhammer
Social: Tracy Ahern
Web and Social Media: Tracy Ahern
Youth Liaison: Cheri Swackhammer Martin
50th Anniversary Liaison: Laurel Tye
Code of Conduct: Karen Lapointe
Constitution/Bylaws: Sandra Dunlop
Not-for-Profit: Roxanne Broer
Practices: Cheri Swackhammer

New Members Are Welcome!

Whether you want to sing, or act on stage, or work behind the scenes, there is a place for you in the Mississippi Mudds. Whether you are new to community theatre or are a veteran of the stage, you're welcome. For more information about joining the Mississippi Mudds, please contact us by email at muddsmississippi AT gmail DOT com